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Back Pain FAQ

Frequently Asked Back Pain Questions at Killian Chiropractic

Back pain isn't just an uncomfortable situation; it can also be a frustrating or frightening one, especially if you're worried that you might have to undergo major invasive surgery to find relief. Here are some answers to frequently asked back pain questions from our conservative care team at Killian Chiropractic in Vancouver.

Frequently Asked Back Pain Questions at Killian Chiropractic

How Common Is Back Pain?

Back pain bothers approximately one-half of all working Americans in any given year. It's estimated that some 80 percent of us will experience this issue at some point in our lives.

Why Is My Upper Back Hurting?

Your thoracic spine can experience pain if it is twisted in a manner that pulls muscles and irritates facet joints. Auto accidents and other acute injuries can cause this kind of damage. A chronic disc of spinal alignment issue can also pain in the upper back and rib cage.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

Your lower back supports your entire trunk, so excess weight (including pregnancy weight) can add stress and strain to the back muscles. Bulging or herniated discs can lead to chronic low back pain. Any kind of postural or musculoskeletal imbalance can set the stage for chronic muscle strain and pinched nerves.

Why Am I Having Leg Symptoms as Well as Low Back Pain?

If your sciatic nerve roots are being pinched by a nearby disc or bony structure, you may experience both low back pain and leg symptoms such as pain, numbness, and weakness. This problem is called sciatica.

Does Back Treatment Have to Mean Surgery?

You'll be relieved to know that most back pain sufferers don't have to undergo surgery. Conservative treatment methods can usually achieve the same degree of back pain relief -- without the additional pain or extensive recuperation time. 

How Does Your Chiropractor Diagnose Back Problems?

Either chiropractor on our team can check your spinal alignment and X-ray your spine for signs of nerve impingement or joint issues. We also evaluate your medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms to get a clear picture of your back pain causes.

How Do You Provide Upper Back or Low Back Pain Relief?

Chiropractic adjustments can normalize your spinal alignment to provide upper or low back pain relief. Spinal decompression is used to bring bulging/herniated discs back into alignment, easing nerve impingement. We also provide corrective exercises to help your back support itself more effectively.

Get the Answers to Your Back Pain in Downtown Vancouver

Don't let your nagging back pain intimidate you -- fight back by making an appointment at Killian Chiropractic. Call our Downtown Vancouver office at 604-688-0724 today!


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