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Text Neck

Kilian Chiropractic in Vancouver Discuses Text Neck

Text Neck is a condition that arises from too much use of mobile devices, especially from chatting or gaming.

While texting, necks are strained during the process which causes pain and injuries. Our Chiropractors at Kilian Chiropractic in Vancouver will help you eliminate Text Neck.

Symptoms of Text Neck

  • Back pains on the upper region may be a chronic, sharp or nagging pain, or painful upper back muscles.
  • Shoulders get painful and tight.
  • Pinched nerve in the neck which causes a lot of pain and the neurological symptoms may end up radiating down to your hand.

Text Neck Can be Prevented in The Following Ways

While chatting or playing games on your phone, ensure that your sitting position is in such a way that your chest is protruding outwards, and your shoulders back. You should equally raise your arms to avoid bending to have a better view of your phone screen. You should also avoid places that have too much light because you may be forced to drop your head forward. Long texting or gaming time will require you to use an external keyboard.

Neck Pain Treatment

Due to your neck’s ability and flexibility to turn your head in almost all directions, this puts at a greater risk of getting injuries and pain. Neck pains can be caused by poor sitting posture, accidents, and even old age. Pinched nerve in the neck can as well be the reason for neck pains. Our chiropractors at Kilian Chiropractors will closely examine you to identify the source of pain and then they will plan for your neck pain treatment.

Our doctors will also perform a physical examination where they will note the type of neck movement that will lead to pain. They will also feel your spinal cord through a massage and observe how it is curved and aligned.

You can as well be put under X-ray examination, CT or CAT scans, and MRI. Pinched nerve in the neck can be measured using an EMG to establish the level of damage of the neck nerves.

Our chiropractor will then focus on adjusting your neck bones through a coordinated massage. This will reduce the pain on your neck region and facilitate faster healing. However, if your neck is fractured and requires specialized treatment, then you will be referred appropriately. We only use natural and painless methods in Neck Pain Treatment.

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