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Chiropractic Care for Headaches and Migraines: Beyond Pain Management

Although the exact causes behind headaches and migraines are not fully understood yet, we do understand that they are our bodies’ way of telling us there is a problem—simply covering it with a painkiller may provide short-term pain management, but it cannot solve the root cause behind the pain. Chiropractic care with Dr. Kilian aims to address the causes so that the symptoms retreat.

treatment for headaches and migraines in Vancouver.jpgHelp for Headaches and Migraines: From Pain to Wellness

The first step in transitioning from pain management for headaches and migraines to actual healing and long-term wellness is a complete exam. Dr. Kilian will assess the health and alignment of your spine, particularly the neck vertebrae, to determine if there are any misalignments causing pinched nerves. He also assesses the condition of the supporting soft tissues to see if they are aggravating alignment problems. He then discusses each patient’s lifestyle and nutritional habits to uncover other possible headache triggers.

During the diagnosis phase, we usually discover several headache triggers that we work to eliminate. If the spine is out of alignment, gentle chiropractic adjustments can help, along with stretches and exercises to promote healthy alignment in the future. This combination has helped many patients experience a welcome decrease in headaches.

Nutritional and lifestyle triggers are also a major factor. Additives and chemicals in certain foods like aged cheeses, meats, alcoholic beverages and many processed foods can trigger a migraine. Dehydration, irregular sleep patterns and eating habits can also cause problems. Stress is another leading headache producer. We discuss ways in which patients can reduce and manage these triggers in their lives.

Call Dr. Kilian at 604-688-0724 to get lasting help for your headaches. We can get to the bottom of why you are suffering and help you find drug-free, natural solutions and relief that will help you feel great!

Have you struggled with pain management for migraines or tension headaches? What are your triggers?

Have you ever suffered from sciatic nerve pain? What is your current pain relief remedy?

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Wonderful and welcoming facility. Dr. Kilian is very proficient and knowledgeable. You can see that he is passionate about his work and genuinely enjoys what he does. Adjustments are very comfortable and effective.

Monika W.
Downtown Vancouver, BC

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