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Posture Correction Creates Positive Impact to Overall Health

Your mom always told you to sit up straight, but posture is about more than manners and appearances. In fact, good posture provides balance and stability to the body, eliminating back pain and promoting wellness. Here at Kilian Chiropractic, we believe that your body's overall health is directly connected to the health of your spine, which is why we are proud to offer posture correction services to help our patients stop slouching and start looking and feeling their best.

Bad posture usually equals bad symptoms. The spine has a natural curvature that is ideally between 40 and 45 degrees in the neck. Hunching over, slumping or slouching can affect the natural spinal curve, leading to back pain, neck pain and joint pain. Bad posture may also be caused by a trauma or injury, such as an auto accident or participation in a sport or other athletic activity. Furthermore, there is a close relationship between the spine, the nervous system, the brain and the immune system. That means that even the slightest dysfunction of the spine could cause significant changes to your health.

Vancouver Chiropractor Promotes Natural Posture Correction

Alternatively, improving your posture could mean easier breathing, less joint pain and a lower chance of developing musculoskeletal injuries and certain diseases. Here at Kilian Chiropractic in Vancouver, our Vancouver chiropractor believes in treating the entire body, rather than a symptom. If you are experiencing pain, headaches or just want to sit up straighter, we can use gentle chiropractic care to correct the curvature of your spine and improve overall wellness.

Chiropractic care at our office consists of frequent spinal adjustments targeted at correcting spinal subluxations and improving the natural alignment of the spine. Often, healing and posture correction occurs in stages, but most patients experience some improvement after just a few appointments.

Do you struggle with bad posture? If so, have you ever visited a chiropractor for corrective treatment?


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  • "Wonderful and welcoming facility. Dr. Kilian is very proficient and knowledgeable. You can see that he is passionate about his work and genuinely enjoys what he does. Adjustments are very comfortable and effective."
    Monika W.

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