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Sciatica Treatment

Chiropractic Care in Vancouver for Sciatica

Many Vancouver sciatica sufferers may not realize that the term refers to a collection of symptoms related to the sciatic nerve, as opposed to a specific disease or condition. The symptoms can include everything from back pain to odd sensations in one leg. Fortunately, here at Killian Chiropractic in Vancouver our chiropractor has the tools, experience and expertise to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and administer the proper chiropractic care, back exercises and wellness programs as a comprehensive sciatica treatment plan.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, the product of major nerve roots starting at the fourth lumbar vertebra. One sciatic nerve is threaded through each hip, buttock and leg, branching off into numerous smaller nerves that control sensation and movement all the way down into the foot. Obviously anything that happens to interrupt this nerve’s ability to function can create enormous problems for the individual. Sciatic nerve disorders tend to afflict adults between their 20s and 50s and may stem either from multiple causes or from a single injury or illness.

Sciatica involves an impingement (pinching) of the nerve by some other part of the body. An auto accident injury, for instance, may throw the vertebrae out of balance and cause one of more intervertebral discs to “bulge” out of position. The displaced discs then press upon the sciatic nerve. The vertebrae themselves can also cause impingement, especially if one vertebra slips forward onto another vertebra. Spinal stenosis, an overgrowth of the bone surrounding the spinal cord, can impinge nerve roots. Muscle strains and changes in weight distribution, such as those encountered in pregnancy, often cause nerve pressure.

Symptoms sometimes include lower back pain, but they more typically register as shooting pains, numbness or tingling sensations down one leg. You may also experience weakness in the affected leg. Depending on which nerve root is involved, these symptoms may stop at the thigh, extend to the top of the foot and the larger toes, or run down the outer area of the foot to affect the smaller toes. Rare, extreme cases involve both legs and a loss of bladder or bowel control. Sciatic nerve symptoms may even cause other, seemingly unrelated issues that erode your overall wellness further. For instance, your body may tense up in reaction to sciatic nerve pain, causing muscular strains and emotional stresses that prompt headaches and migraines.

Vancouver Chiropractor Provides Wellness Care for Sciatica Pain

Chiropractic care can do wonders for sciatic nerve issues. Our chiropractor, Dr. Killian, combines careful diagnostic work with years of experience to isolate the underlying cause(s) of your sciatica. Spinal adjustments or decompression can straighten misalignments and shift bulging discs away from the nerve roots. We can then address muscle weakness through back exercises or other therapies, and recommend ongoing chiropractic care and wellness practices to help you avoid a host of other ailments, from headaches and migraines to allergies. Contact our Vancouver office to learn more.



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