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  • Injuries May Result from Improper Ergonomics in the Workplace
    Injuries May Result from Improper Ergonomics in the Workplace Whether your job consists of sitting at a desk or standing at an assembly line, it’s important to take your health into Read more
  • Common Lifting Injuries and What You Can Do About Them
    Common Lifting Injuries and What You Can Do About Them Whether you're lifting weights or helping a friend move, you're at risk of injury from poor form. Most people have Read more
  • How Can a Chiropractor Help with Pulled Muscles?
    A pulled muscle, also known as a muscle strain occurs when you overstretch or tear the muscle. Many people who pull a muscle either wait for the pain to subside Read more
  • Common Air Bag and Seatbelt Injuries
    We Treat Your Auto Accident Injury in Downtown Vancouver Auto accidents are more common than many people realize and more traumatic than you may think if you have not been in Read more
  • Common Questions about Knee Pain Relief
    Knee pain can come upon you suddenly or over the course of time. Either way, it can keep you from partaking in the activities you enjoy most. At Kilian Chiropractic Read more
  • How Many Types of Migraines Are There?
    Migraines Migraines can be absolutely debilitating for many people, but a chiropractor can actually help alleviate migraine pain with a variety of techniques. Kilian Chiropractic, serving the Vancouver area, focuses on Read more
  • How to Treat and Prevent Text Neck
    If you are currently dealing with discomfort or neck pain that you believe is caused by phone usage, contacting our chiropractor in Downtown Vancouver is an option that may yield Read more
  • Proper Workplace Ergonomics
    Proper Workplace Ergonomics If you sit at a desk all day at work, it is essential that you take the proper precautions. Even though you are sitting down all day, do Read more
  • Whiplash FAQ
    Whiplash is a debilitating condition that requires proper treatment to heal the body effectively. If you were recently involved in a car accident, and you are suffering from neck pain, Read more
  • Common Pains at Work That Signal a Chiropractic Visit
    Our Kilian Chiropractic Shares Common Pains at Work That Signal a Chiropractic Visit Lower back pain is prevalent in most workplaces in Downtown Vancouver. According to the National Institute of Neurological Read more
  • School And Chiropractic Pain
    Manage School-Related Aches and Pains With Help From Our Vancouver Chiropractor Hopefully, all the hardworking students in your family are feeling healthy and focused! Unfortunately, school-related activities can place a lot of stress Read more
  • Your First Auto Accident Consultation
    Your First Consultation After an Auto Accident Injury At Kilian Chiropractic In Vancouver, BC If you recently experienced an auto accident injury, getting proper treatment to relieve pain and restore your Read more
  • Summer Fun And Visiting A Chiropractor
    Kilian Chiropractic Advice on Summer Fun and Visiting a Chiropractor Our Kilian Chiropractic clinic serving Downtown Vancouver wishes you a fun and safe summer. Chances are you do take precaution, but Read more
  • Yard Work & Gardening: Alleviate Muscle Pain
    Yard Work & Gardening: Alleviate Muscle Pain Spring is the time to enjoy your garden. Unfortunately, you also end up with yard work back pain. By taking measures to reduce the Read more
  • Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling
    Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling from our Downtown Vancouver Chiropractor Do you often feel sore after travel? Do you want to avoid the back pain or neck pain Read more
  • Why You Need To See A Chiropractor For Sports Injuries
    Sports Injury Treatment from Our Vancouver Chiropractor At Kilian Chiropractic, our Vancouver chiropractor has many years of experience in diagnosing and treating any number of common sports injury types. If you've recently been Read more


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